Friday, June 10, 2011

Seed Germination Update

Cardboard greenhouse seems to be working. Except for eggplant and pepper, other veggies sprouted well. Ideally I should have waited for true leaves to appear before I blog on update. But I could not resist the temptation once I clicked a couple of pictures.

                                          Vegetable            %Germination       Day(s)
                                          Tomatoes                   100%                  5 days
                                          Cucumber                    20%                  5 days [seeds were more than two years old]
                                          Lady's Finger             100%                   3 days
                                          Brinjal (egg plant)           0%                   9 days so far
                                          Pepper                            0%                  9 days so far
                                          French Beans             100%                  3 days
                                          Cauliflower                    80%                  7 days
                                          Broccoli                      100%                   6 days
                                          Coriander                        0%                  4 days so far

Broccoli (after 9 days)

French Beans (after 9 days)

Coriander breathing inside the dome. Yet to show up.

So far I have watered the seedlings only twice. Coco-peat and newspaper are holding the moisture.  


  1. Good analysis and excellent picture quality - Nice camera :)

  2. Eggplant , pepper and Corriander take forever to germinate....atleast 3weeks, patience is the key!!! Good job.